Pelvic Girdle Pain During Pregnancy

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Blog, Pregnancy and Post- Natal

Did you know that 20% of pregnant women will experience Pelvic Girdle Pain during their pregnancy. This pain can be very debilitating and scary for women who experience it. The good news is that there are lots that can be done to help relieve the pain.


Lets talk a little about what occurs –  A huge hormonal shift occurs to women during pregnancy to prepare their body for childbirth. This change causes the ligaments around the pelvis and other joints to become lax (or loose). This increased laxity combined with changes in posture, which occurs with pregnancy and increased stress through the muscles around the pelvis can result in Pelvic Girdle Pain.


The pain is typically aggravated by turning in bed, walking (especially the first few steps), ascending and descending stairs and getting in and out of the car. The pain is usually described as sharp or stabbing pain but can also be a deep dull ache. Some people will also report a clicking sensation.


Pelvic Girdle Pain in pregnancy most commonly occurs during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters as the baby grows, however some women do experience pain during their 1st trimester.


Physio, massage and exercise can help to relieve Pelvic Girdle Pain in pregnancy. We are able to assess the position of the pelvis and how well load is being transferred through the pelvis to help us identify what is causing the pain. We are then able to address these issues to help relieve the pain. We also prescribe specific exercises for people to complete at home to maintain their improvements. Prenatal Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise that women suffering with Pelvic Girdle Pain can do on a regular basis to help.

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