Meet The Team

Caroline Hayes

BAppSc Physio

Principal Physiotherapist – Accredited Hand Therapist

With over 15 years of experience as a physio helping people to move and perform better I am excited to be able to help you too. I love adventures and exploring and have travelled quite a bit working as a physio in the Australia, the UK and NZ.

I am an accredited Hand Therapist as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association and I am Level 1 Certified in Lymphoedema Management and a Pilates Instructor (Mat and Equipment APPI training).
At the start and end of each day, I really just like to help people get out there doing what they want to do as best they can. From little ones to those with a few extra candles on their cake, musicians, athletes and everyone in between, my goal is simply to help you.

On a personal note, I love sports and have tried most games, in more recent years I have focused on running, skiing and hiking. I value family and friends, and love being out and about as well as absorbing myself into the culture at the art gallery or a music venue.

Rehabilitate, Educate, Innovate.

Providing excellence in physiotherapy from assessment to diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation