Stiffness in the hand is a relatively common complaint after hand injuries or due to other conditions. It can impact how our hand and wrist move, and affect our daily activities greatly. A hand therapist will be able to target the cause of the stiffness and guide your return to your desired activities.

Common symptoms:

  • Stiffness in the hand
  • Difficulty in opening and closing the hand
  • Weakness in gripping
  • Difficulty in gripping
  • Difficulty in fine motor movements – e.g. handwriting and sewing
  • Worse with cold temperatures

Potential causes:

  • Recent immoblisation of the hand and wrist
  • History of hand injury
  • Prolonged closed posture of the hand
  • Scar
  • History of neurological condition – e.g. stroke, seizure etc
  • Working in refrigerated environments


Subjective assessment: We will ask you about your hand and wrist injury, how and when it is limiting you, your daily activities and preferred sports, your general health and other potential factors that may contribute to your concerns. We will also ask you what activities you enjoy and what your goal is.

Objective assessment: We will look at your hand and palpate around the area. We will look at your hand and wrist movement and your grip strength. We will look at the rest of your body including your elbow, shoulder, neck and core to see if they are contributing to your condition. We may perform special tests to pinpoint where your limitations may be coming from.


  • Education regarding your symptoms and how to manage/reduce them
  • Muscle and/or other soft tissue release
  • Neural mobilisation
  • Activity modification
  • Custom made thermoplastic or neoprene splint, casting if needed
  • Prescription of compression garments or pressure therapy
  • Taping
  • Dry needling
  • Waxing bath
  • Home exercise program including stretching, movement and strengthening exercises


From the moment we meet you, we are planning an individualised and holistic approach to help you reach your goal and be your best!

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