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by | Apr 27, 2015 | Blog

We understand that there may be times when attending our clinic for treatment is difficult. Surgery, severe pain, poor mobility or even inability to get to transport can all be reasons limiting your independence. To help address this issue, and with the goal of being community-minded, our Physiotherapist’s do take home visit physiotherapy appointments.

The following are some of the reasons people need home visit physiotherapy:


    Once you make it home after your surgery, it’s critical to commence a structured exercise program to improve your function, strength and mobility. At this stage, a thorough assessment will be carried out, and a rehabilitation program designed at your level will be given to you, and supervised by your physio in your session together. As you are ready to increase the complexity of exercise, your physio will be able to give you suitable progressions, monitoring you every step of the way.
    Pain is an awful phenomenon that from time to time, we all deal with. However, if you are in acute, crippling pain and are unable to move comfortably, we will be happy to come and see you in your home. Most G.Ps will also work on a home visit schedule, so if you ever have this type of situation occur, it would be advised to also organize a visit from your Doctor.
    If you or someone you know suffers from limited mobility, physiotherapy intervention is very effective. Treatment will consist of a baseline assessment of your function, followed by a tailored rehabilitation and exercise plan to encourage independence of activities of daily living (ALD’s). Staying as independent as possible, for as long as possible is a major health goal for older adults.


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