Headaches and the Healing Hand of Massage

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Blog, Massage

We all experience headaches from time to time. They can range in frequency, duration, intensity and causality. The most common headache experienced by the general population are tension headaches and migraines. When they occur, they tend to disrupt our lives, whether it be work or at home. It can increase stress or heighten our emotional state.


So how can you manage headaches and migraines without resorting to medication all the time?


                                           Have you considered a massage?


Massage has been shown to be an effective Non-Pharmacologic treatment for sufferers of headaches and migraines. Recent studies have shown that regular massage and soft tissue release techniques around the upper back, shoulders and neck can reduce headache frequency, duration and intensity. Furthermore, massage improved the quality of sleep with these patients.


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