The Importance of Good Golf Posture

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Blog, Golfing Injuries

Good posture has been described as one of the most important aspects of the address/set-up position in the golf swing.

Jack Nicklaus has said:

“If you set up correctly there is a good chance you will hit a reasonable shot.  If set-up is poor, you will hit a lousy shot even if you made the best swing in the world.”

A good set-up will help with the following:

–      Balance throughout the swing with correct posture and foot placement.

–      A good set-up helps you create power and control direction.

–      With practice in the correct set-up, players can pre-set the optimal impact position.

Your golf professional will teach the correct spine angles, ball position, foot placement and body alignment – so book in for a lesson!

There are many reasons for loss of good posture:

–      general stiffness of muscles and joints.

–      poor core stability.

–      lack of flexibility.

Assessment and treatment in the clinic using manual therapy techniques and specific exercise programmes will greatly reduce these problems.

Close supervision in our Pilates classes helps to build up your endurance and confidence and promote better posture.

With our help your golf posture will improve – have fewer injuries, less shots and have more enjoyment of the game!




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