How to get injured at Christmas

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Winnie takes us through the multitude of ways you can injure yourself at Christmas.


With Christmas just around the corner, you may be beginning to feel the festive atmosphere building already. With celebrations in mind, this is also a time of year when people often feel tired and pressed for time, as a result they may be less mindful and more susceptible to injury.

Some common examples and things to watch out for:

    Falling from a ladder trying to hang the Christmas decorations

    Check the ladder beforehand and do not climb if you aren’t steady on your feet.
    If possible, always have someone to ‘spot’ you.

    Pulling your shoulder from trying not to fall off the ladder

    Take that extra step rather than over reaching

    Slips, trips, and falls over extension cords, presents or toysHurting your back from carrying heavy objects

    Watch your step as you navigate the obstacles. These may also include moving obstacles such as grandchildren or pets!

    Hurting your back from carrying heavy objects

    Get close to the object, squat down and use your legs to lift
    Ask for assistance – the more the merrier

    Cuts from using kitchen knives when cooking and scissors when wrapping gifts

    Put away the sharp objects when not in use and always cut away from yourself

    Spraining your neck from carrying heavy objects (Santa Sack) over your shoulder

    Use a trolley or ask an elf for help


    Check your GP’s opening hours over the Christmas /NY period so you know where to get appropriate care. If it is severe or urgent, please go to the emergency department of your nearest hospital.

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    Wishing everyone a safe and injury-free Christmas!

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